The different products in Permanent and Non Permanent Staffing and their Payment Terms are detailed below:

  •  We provide both advertised and non advertised job recruitment.
  • Where an advertisement is warranted, the same is released for which the client pays for the advertisement cost upfront.
  • We provide the Client with suitable bio-data of potential candidates as per the requirements of the Client as intimated to Winning Andisel Company Limited from time to time and to ensure that the potential candidates are given fair and accurate information about the Client and the Client’s requirements.
  • We also provide to the Client any information about a potential candidate that is in the knowledge of Winning Andisel Company Limited and disclosure of which information may be considered to be relevant to the recruitment process and in the interest of the Client
  • We also communicate and coordinate between the Client and the potential candidate in fixing the venue, time or such other matters relating to meetings between the Client and potential candidate.
  •   We also assist the Client with the Coordination of acceptance of job offers by and between the potential candidate and the Client.